Friday, February 16, 2007

Moving Day....

I've got most of my things packed and ready to go....just a few things left to put in boxes I don't have. I need to find a couple more. Moving, I have decided, is not my favorite thing to do. I don't have many things this time around, but it is still a great hassle. I will be glad to be in my new room. And the living room has so much more room to spread out my scrapping stuff. And who can beat having 4 balconies to let in sunlight? It will be interesting to see how I'm going to find my way around downtown....I'm so great with directions. :)

Valentine's Day was fun. Heath and I went to see The Painted Veil and then to what I would call a high class restaurant, since I don't really go to super nice restaurants. Got a great picture of our fried calamari, I'm still not sure what it is exactly...but i have an idea that it is some sort of an octupus-looking animal. Heath got me some sweet pink roses and a Valentine Build-A-Bear wearing Hello Kitty pjs, which surprises me since I lost last year's...I still get sad thinking about that. :( It was a fun and interesting night. Always love going on dates with my honey! Love you babe!

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