Friday, July 13, 2007

Tiny Chef

This little guy is ALL about cooking right now. He's really quite serious about it too! He comes up with some crazy names for his creations too. I think it's in a different language, because I usually can't understand him! I just thought I'd share this photo. He's SO cute!

Fun Fun Fun!!

So I got this great felt bead kit from starathena . I had lots to do last night, like pack for my 2 week Nasvhille trip....but I couldn't wait to try my hand at some felt beads! They're not perfect, but I thought I did okay for my first try! So here are the pictures!

Isn't it pretty??

Are they supposed to be that HAIRY??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grown men.....

having way too much fun on a really makeshift water slide (yes that is lake water...eww). There is just something strangely humorous in this. Don't you think? This is my dad and uncles at our family reunion at the crappiest most redneck fishing "resort" out around where I grew up. Something I felt was worthy of being blogged about!

Oh my.....

Yes, that is my father.....with his shorts and belt on.

Family Stew!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Late Happy 4th!

This is the only photo we got of ourselves on the 4th...of course we really didn't do anything exciting to take pictures of anyway! Too bad it's all blown out! Oh well! :)

Ok, So....

Here is my new project. I have so many.....I don't have time for them all! I just can't pick one though! There are so many cool things I want to try! Anyhow, I'm trying this now. I bought some Textile medium for my acrylics, but it still isn't working right. It still makes the fabric hard. what to do? maybe add more? hmm...don't know! but here are pics!