Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm working on something a little different today. It's really fun but i'm not too sure how well it will go over in my Etsy shop. There is just something amazing in watching my larger drawing shrink down to this tiny treasure! Maybe I'm just weird but it totally takes me back to my childhood playing with this stuff with my mom. Even if I don't put any of this on Etsy, I'm still doing it for the fun of it! :)


Anonymous said...

Super cute.
I love the pics from NYC.
And those yummy goodies
from your last post.
So so cute.
I'm doing wonderful.
Staying busy.
I'm going to post
some layouts
on my blog soon.
I'm having time
to scrap a little
here recently.

It looks like
you have been busy
with etsy.

<3 B

Ali J said...

What materials do you use to make these? I draw all the time, and I'm seeking more lovely things to try them out with. I adore your icecream cone, it looks delicious!