Friday, March 23, 2007

I love the ZOO!!!!!

So....the lady I work for dropped me and C off at the zoo today. At first I was fun is it gonna be to go to the zoo by myself with a 3 year old? But it was actually really fun. Quite challenging trying to fight with that stroller but we had a great day. I think the funnest thing we did was go to the petting zoo. We got to pet the cute little goats. They just crack me up. Here are a few pics!
It was so pretty there!
I could not resist. This was just too cute!
Okay, now this is some serious cuteness right here!
Don't you just love him!!!??
Ahhhhhh! Precious!
Sweet little friend!
C sitting in his eagle nest
Can't wait to go back with Heath!!!


Anne Thompson said...

Goats are pretty cute hey? The little boy you look after looks very sweet too! And the photos your sister took of you are great! Looks like you live in a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

awww...these are just too cute. He is adorable.

<3 Bekah