Monday, April 2, 2007

Okay, so this photo pretty much sums up the weekend. It could have definitely been better. Friday night was fun, minus some mishaps (credit card machines going down at the baseball stadium, people bein real greedy with their scoops of icecream, me not getting cotton candy, being appalled at the insane prices, etc). Saturday was rainy so we couldn't go to the zoo, had to go to a long, boring rehearsal for Easter program at church, went to the mall to look for a dress I saw online that I ended up not liking (and then thought I was getting a good deal on some cute tops and we had read the sign wrong), went to see Meet the Robinsons (cute movie) then to eat at Cafe Adobe...not such a good experience for numerous reasons that I will not go into. Needless to say we got a free meal. Sunday was alright. Heath had a gig at for Cricket (drumming on buckets) at a Children's festival downtown. My debit card wasn't working so again, no cotton candy....I was not a happy camper. Wore out, we came back to my apartment to watch Flicka and I fell asleep half way through it. Heath got a bad migraine and I thought he was dying...not good. So rarely do I ever say this but I'm kinda glad the weekend is over. There were some good points, but over all it was one I could have done without. Hope everyone's weekend was better!

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